Our Mission, From Day One:

Eliminate mundane, back-office staffing industry tasks—giving you more free time to focus on real mission-critical activities
To achieve this, our founders built a unique framework—anchored by 5 key pillars of outsourcing success.


This is an imperative step to building an effective plan for your business


Every decision matters—affecting all members on your team—and this is why not one decision is made until we know how it will impact your results.


When real money is on the line, and mistakes can quickly add up—we trust in a data-analytic auditing process to eliminate errors and reduce unnecessary losses.


A key component to outsourcing, that—no matter the situation or your investment—requires us to strive to produce the best return possible.

Customer Service

No yes men here—it’s our job, and duty, to educate you on what’s best for business.
Our founders don’t just believe in this framework because they’ve created it. They believe in it because it has been shaped and perfected from over 70 Years of Staffing Industry Experience.

What Drives Us to Do Better for You

Even one error can stack and snowball—affecting everyone on your team—wasting your time and money with mistakes. Sunset Cove eliminates costly errors, before any invoice or check is cut—with our unique data-analytic approach, perfected through years of experience.

Applying our 70 years of insight and knowledge—we quickly understand your company’s specific situation, objectives and goals. Working with you to build a custom plan, we strive to solve and reduce the problems your company is facing. Increasing and maximizing your ROI.
See, our job isn’t just to say “yes”—but to help educate you on what is best for your company and your current situation. Listening to your needs, and detecting new opportunities for growth and improvement—we’ll develop a strategic solution based on real data and knowledge—optimized to improve your results.

20 Years of Experience with ABD’s Ultra-Staff’s Front and Back Office Software

The Founders And Leaders Behind Our 70 Years of Back Office Outsourcing Expertise

About Our CEO - Benjamin Elzweig

Benjamin has created Sunset Cove Solutions to empower entrepreneurs to focus on their essential business functions. Benjamin is a third generation, Certified Staffing Professional with a true passion for the Industry. His vision and forward thinking has permitted Sunset Cove Solutions to continuously be ahead of the market while positioning our clients’ focus back on sales and operations. Under Benjamin’s leadership, Sunset Cove Solutions continues to provide the “Best In Class “services to staffing agencies all over the country.

About Our CFO/COO - Matt Kaplan

Matt has developed and implemented back office solutions for staffing companies ranging from 5 to 500 million, increasing efficiencies and profitability. At Sunset Cove, Matt is responsible for overseeing strategic development, service offerings, operations, and client relations. Matt’s vision and understanding of the Staffing Industry has enabled Sunset Cove to offer customized back office solutions designed for your company. Distracted companies miss opportunities with great clients and candidates. Sunset Cove solves this problem by adapting today’s technology to an age old internal process.

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